I spend most nights with my nose in a book and making ‘To Do’ lists at the local diner. I ran for president of my college sorority, but was beat out by my best friend. I keep deadly secrets. Most afternoons you can find me and my clique on the steps of the MET. GTL is my motto. I’m America’s favorite dancer AND singer. I’m trapped on a magical island, desperately trying to escape.

Okay, okay, so this isn’t me, just my TV persona; a compilation of some of my beloved characters. At my 9-to-5 I write about the real world, so when I clock out I’m ready to escape. Too Much To Tivo is that doorway. For the most part, this blog will only feature shows I watch religiously. While some of my critiques at times may be harsh, if I am writing about it, I am most likely a fan.

Still watching on DVD: Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Lost

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