October 6, 2011

9 Top New Girl Quotes: Season 1, Episode 3

"We just don't want you to be yourself in any way." -- Schmidt
"Okay, suppress the Jess." -- Jess

"She goes on top of the to kill list." -- Schmidt
"Is that because you are going to attempt to kill her by having sex with her?" -- Jess
"More or less." -- Schmidt
"h Schmidt, one day you're going to kill the nicest girl." -- Jess

"Want to know one of my beauty secrets? The only way I could fit into this dress is by wearing little girl's bicycle shorts underneath. They are tight. I won't be peeing tonight." -- Jess

"Your head is shaped like a yam." -- Jess
"I know, I can't wear soft hats." -- Nick

"I'm mime walking. I'm Mime-chael Jackson." -- Jess

"Schmidt, I need you to come help me slap my thighs around." -- Jess

"Oh, I'm just cutting off my underwear. You know, girl stuff." -- Jess

"They want me to leave the booth, but I'm staying. This is my home now. It's got everything I need." -- Nick

"Hi Jess. I live in a photo booth now...Come in, come in. That's the kitchen area, this is the common area, dining room, living room; kind of has everything." -- Nick


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