September 19, 2011

Jersey Shore Quotes: Season 4, Episode 7

Snooki (minutes before crashing into a cop car): "I feel like nobody should have cars here in Italy. They don’t know how to drive."

Pizza Boss (referring to Snooki's shoes): "It’s a dog. Oh no, it’s your shoes."

J-WOWW:  "I wish I had the men in black zapper to undo the whole night …I cannot accept the fact that Deena and Nicole hooked up like that"

Pauly D: "Ronnie Swacked my wake up call … Swacked is when you get your swagger jacked."

Pauly D:  "Hey Deena. Stop making a scene and Lezz go."

Snooki: "I’m the best kisser on this whoDle planet."

J-WOWW: "It’s bad enough a nipple slips at the club but you’re never supposed to forget your underwear."

Deena: "Whatever! I forgot to put underwear on."

Pauly D: "Yo, I’ve never danced my underwear off in my life!"

Mike “The Situation”: "Deena and Snooki are the meatballs and they’re not making it to the sauce."

Pauly D: "Look at the Italian flag. I feel like I’m in Italy."

Snooki: "It looks like Hawaii. So I feel like it’s an island. Or maybe it’s like on the border of like a continent. You know what I mean? So it’s like by ocean."

Deena: "I have to Jersey Turnpike on the Firenze Turnpike."

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