September 12, 2011

Jersey Shore Quotes: Season 4, Episode 6

Mike "Situation": "At least I know not to bang my head against the wall anymore. The walls in Italy are pure brick and mortar." 

Snooki: "In my church they would be like, oh, nice outfit." 

Snooki: "I peed my pants in public and I am still not embarrassed." 

Pauly D: "My hair is like my sacred crown." 

Vinny: "We are dressing like ultimate Guido right now and no one knows more about Guido tool bags than us." 

Deena: "The boys keep talking about these track suit costumes, and I was like, those aren't costumes that's my normal clothes." 

Vinny: "Fist pump, push up, chap stick." 
Pauly D: "FPC is a way of life. I'm a Guido for life." 

Pauly D to Vinny: "I can't hear you. Your jeans are too tight." 

Ronni: "Crazy legs comes out. I'm killin' it on the dance floor...I just want to dance. I can't stop dancing." 

J-WOWW: "I'm not going to pretend everything is cheese and daisies." 

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