September 9, 2011

Bushnell Gets Another TV Show

It looks like another Candace Bushnell novel will be turned into a series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "One Fifth Avenue" will be adapted by Gossip Girl producer Josh Safran for ABC. Grey's Anatomy's Mark Gordon will produce the series titled "One Fifth."

The project is being described as Sex and the City meets The Good Wife and follows columnist Cassie Bingham as she moves into her apartment located at, you guessed it, One Fifth Avenue, following a separation from her husband.
                          Sex and the City prequel: The Carrie Diaries 
I attempted to read "One Fifth Avenue" when it was first released in 2008, but after a few chapters I put it down. It still sits, albeit a bit dusty, on my book shelf. I don't remember why I didn't finish the book (it is very rare I stop reading a novel mid-way through) but I guess I will give it another go.

This is the second Bushnell book that has received small-screen chatter. Her prequel to "Sex and the City," "The Carrie Diaries," is also rumored to become a series. While Bushnell's Sex and the City series was a rampant success, her latest book-to-TV endeavors, Lipstick Jungle, lasted just two seasons.

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