September 25, 2011

Alex Wong Auditions For American Idol

So You Think You Can Dance alum, Alex Wong, is proving he is a triple threat. The classically-trained ballet dancer, who was disqualified from Season 7 due to an injury, auditioned for Season 11 of American Idol

Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of both reality competitions, Tweeted on Sept. 24: "Wow, Alex Wong just auditioned for #AmericanIdol. The boy has a good voice."

And on Sept. 21 Wong Tweeted: "American Idol is in Jersey today...I want to go audition...Hahaha." 

Lythgoe gave Wong the option to return to SYTYCD Season 8 as a contestant, but Wong said he was not healed in time for the auditions. Wong was then expected to make an appearance as an all-star in Season 8, but yet another injury kept him from the show.

Wong hinted at expanding his horizons in an interview with Too Much To Tivo this summer: "Everything happens for a reason," Wong said. "Perhaps I didn't stretch myself the last time and I need to once again be forced to do other things outside of dance."

At the time, Wong also said he is taking acting classes and will be in a short film at the end of December. 

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