August 10, 2011

SYTYCD Music: Top 4

"I Feel Love" (12" Version)—Donna Summer (Melanie & Marko) I Feel Love - Greatest Hits
"Raise Your Weapon"—Deadmau5 (Sasha & Mark) Raise Your Weapon - 4x4=12 (Deluxe Version)
"Hustle Hard"—Ace Hood (Joshua & Tadd) Hustle Hard - Blood Sweat & Tears (Deluxe Edition)
            "Sacrifice"—Sinead O'Connor (Melanie & Robert)
            "Whatever Lola Wants"—Ella Fitzgerald (Sasha & Marko) Whatever Lola Wants - Ella Sings Broadway
            "Raindrops"—Basement Jaxx (Sasha & Tadd) Raindrops - Scars (Bonus Track Version)
            "Shirk"—Me'Shell Ndegeocello (Lauren & Marko) Shirk - The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams
            "Show Me What You're Working With"—Sista Monica (Melanie & Tadd) Show Me What You're Working With - Can't Keep a Good Woman Down
            "Heart Asks Pleasure First"—Ahn Trio (Melanie & Sasha) Heart Asks Pleasure First - Ahn Trio: Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac
            "B.O.B."—OutKast (Tadd & Marko) B.O.B. - Stankonia
            "Song for Viola"—Peter Bradley Adams (Melanie) Song for Viola - Leavetaking
            "The Fear You Won't Fall"—Joshua Radin (Marko) The Fear You Won't Fall - Unclear Sky - EP
            "Mama Knows Best"—Jessie J (Tadd) Mamma Knows Best - Who You Are
            "Be Be Your Love"—Rachel Yamagata (Sasha) Be Be Your Love - Happenstance (Deluxe Version)

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