August 5, 2011

Sex and the City Returning to TV?

There's been a lot of rumors running rampant that the Sex and the City prequel novels "The Carrie Diaries" could be turning into a movie. But it looks like we might be getting one better.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the tale of Carrie Bradshaw before she became a sex writer living in New York, may be coming to the small screen. That's right, a TV series!

To SATC zealots, the return of the series in any form (even if targeting the tween set) is a dream come true. But if you read the two books in "The Carrie Diaries" series you might be a bit hesitant to jump up and down and squeal.

"The Carrie Diaries," while overall a fun flashback to the 80's where young Carrie Bradshaw was experiencing her first love-triangle, dealing with the death of her mom and developing her writing, had more than several discrepancies with the original television series.

According to the Los Angeles Times, which cited a source familiar with the discussions, the new series "wouldn't be a prequel per se, but rather a story of Carrie Bradshaw in high school."

It might be difficult for loyal SATC fans to ignore the inaccuracies and take the new show for what it is -- an attempt to generate excitement for the series among a new breed of young girls who dream of one day becoming Carrie Bradshaw.

Regardless, if you haven't already read the novels you should check them out.

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