August 4, 2011

Jersey Shore Quotes: Season 4, Episode 1

It's back! We've been anxiously counting down the days for the Jersey Shore gang to take Italy and now they are trading their t-shirts for sweat suits and figuring out how to translate gym, tan, laundry into Italian.

Each week, Too Much To Tivo will bring you the best one-liners and already, the first episode promised lots of drinking, swearing and drama.

"Italy is that big country. No wait Europe is the big country." -- Snooki

"In Italy I'm expecting to bring a guy home, but don't do sex. Maybe figure them out and then do sex later." -- Deena

"Basta grenades.(Translation: no grenades) " -- Vinny

"I have no idea where Italy is on a map, but I know what shape it is. It's a boot." -- Snooki

"I am down a can of bronzer. I only have eight left. In my world that will only last 10 days." -- J-Woww

"Good morning Vincent. Good morning Vincent's beard." -- Pauly D

"The pigeons are ruthless in Italy...who flies that close?" -- Snooki

"There are no outlets in this place. I don't understand. Do Italians not believe in electricity?" -- J-Woww

"She is going f-up that situation for this Situation? I'm a little iffy about that." -- Ronnie

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