August 11, 2011

Heather Morris' SYTYCD Audition

Before becoming the ditzy cheerleader, Brittany on Glee, Heather Morris auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance.

Morris made it to the Green Mile in Season 2, but failed to make the top 20 by a vote of 3-2. She was friends with Season 2 contestant Ben Susak.

After the audition she moved to Los Angeles, where she began dancing backup for Beyonce, before snagging the role on Glee.

I have desperately been searching for a clip of her audition, but it has been taken down from YouTube. But after doing a little digging, I found Morris' SYTYCD connections run deep. Check out this picture of Morris along with several other SYTYCD alum including Travis Wall, Lauren Gottlieb and Kayla Radomski.


Anonymous said...

Is that Robert from season 7 there too?

Jeanine said...

Yes that is!

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