July 29, 2011

SYTYCD 2011: Juding The Choreographers, Top 8

Too Much To Tivo is turning the tables on the choreographers, each week judging their artistry, uniqueness and how well they complimented the contestants.

Jonathan Roberts, quick step (Sasha & Pasha) -- Quick step is fondly known as the dance of death, but this number from Jonathan Roberts, sat beautifully with Sasha, showing her softer side.

Marty Kudelka, hip hop (Caitlynn & Ivan) -- Marty Kudelka had an easy task, making Ivan and Caitlynn look good. But Marty didn't really do that with this lyrical hip hop. He spent too much of the dance having Caitlynn and Ivan walk around stage. The rest of the movement was lackluster and something better left for a club rather than the SYTYCD stage.

Tyce Diorio, jazz (Jordan & Ade) -- Tyce Dirio's choreography has really been hit or miss this season. This jazz number was a miss, feeling very much like a dance recital routine. When Tyce is on, he is amazing (think Season 5 Melissa & Ade contemporary routine about breast cancer), but it's like when he doesn't know what to do he falls back on to competition-style routines that lack depth.

Mandy Moore, contemporary (Neil & Melonie) -- In all fairness, Mandy Moore had a pretty great base to work with, choreographing for Melonie and Neil. The dance got a standing ovation, with Lady Gaga telling Melanie that she would hire her tomorrow to dance on her stage. Moore once again worked her magic, choreographing a number right in her sweet spot -- an elegant routine, danced to an 80's ballad, with a show stopping trick. Mary Murphy went so far to say that she would be surprised if this number wasn't nominated for an Emmy.

Jason Gilkison, jive (Ricky & Anya) -- Finally a dance that doesn't have a story. The dance, as Jason said, was just about Jason and Anya dancing their asses off, which was refreshing amid a sea of trying to tell an epic tale in a minute-and-a-half dance.

Napoleon & Tabitha, hip hop (Jess & Lauren) -- Not the best Nap and Tabs number, but solid nonetheless. Gaga, however, said there were parts to the dance that she didn't like, feeling like the flower was an unnecessary prop.

Mandy Moore, jazz (Tadd & Lauren Froderman) -- Mandy Moore showed off her versatility after choreographing bright eyes and then doing a 180 with this Michael Jackson-esq piece.

Sonya Tayeh, contemporary (Marko & Allison) -- Finally Sonya did something that didn't involve demons, aliens or some other quirky creature. This was Sonya's shinning moment of Season 8, earning her and Marko and Allison a standing ovation and bringing Gaga and Mary Murphy to tears.

Jonathan Roberts, fox trot (Tadd & Caitlynn) -- The fox trot is just boring, there's not much else to say about it.

Napoleon & Tabitha, hip hop (Marko & Ricky) -- Yes, the first boy duet of the season! Napoleon and Tabitha made up for their mediocre routine earlier in the episode with this number. It was very reminiscent of the Alex/Twitch hip hop number last season that ultimately ended up with Alex injuring himself.

Jason Gilkinson, (Jess & Jordan) --This was a nice dance, but clearly not enough to save either Jordan or Jess.

Sonya Tayeh, jazz (Melanie & Sasha) -- In the clip before the performance Sonya talks about a "beastly creation" immediately making me weary of what was to come. But Sonya did it again tonight. This routine was just quirky enough, showcasing Sasha and Melanie's power and strength. Mary Murphy called the number the best of the night and the best Sonya has ever done.