July 21, 2011

SYTYCD 2011: Judging the Choreographers, Top 10

Too Much To Tivo is turning the tables on the choreographers, each week judging their artistry, uniqueness and how well they complimented the contestants.

Jason Gilkison, samba (Marko & Chelsie Hightower) -- This fast samba was based on a photographer and his muse. Jason put together a fun piece that showed Marko can excel at other dance forms, but really highlighted Chelsie's amazing Ballroom technique.

Dwight Rhoden & Desmond Richardson, contemporary (Jordan & Brandon) -- What's there to say about Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson? The two choreographers brought a breath of fresh air to what has been predictable contemporary routines over the past several weeks. Nigel Lythgoe said it best" Dwight and Desmond are two of the best contemporary choreographers."

Cuck Maldonado, hip hop (Tadd & Comfort) -- Chuck Maldonado choreographed what he called a  "hard-hitting" routine for Tadd and Comfort. I don't know how Chuck managed to make bboyer Tadd, who has been able to successfully pull off Ballroom and contemporary, look weak. While the judges praised the routine, it looked like Comfort and Tadd were off from each other most of the dance.

Tyce Diorio, Broadway (Mitchell & Melody) -- Tyce Diorio hasn't had a great year thus far. This Broadway routine was boring. Tyce could have done a lot more with Mitchell, but it was flat and generic. Guest judge Neil Patrick Harris slammed Tyce's "airplane" theme, calling it disjointed and not thought out.

Miriam & Leonardo, Argentine tango, (Caitlynn & Pasha) -- Caitlynn is one of my favorite girls and I have always loved Pasha, but I was extremely bored by this tango number. But Mary Murphy seemed to enjoy it, giving Caitlynn and Miriam and Leonardo a standing ovation. This was the first Argentine tango of the season and Murphy said "it was worth the wait."

Christopher Scott, hip hop (Sasha & Twitch) -- Chris Scott is the choreographer to beat in Season 8. I love Nap and Tabs, but Chris has such a unique hip-hop style that adds an interesting fusion of lyrical/contemporary.

Stacey Tookey, contemporary (Jess & Kathryn) -- This contemporary piece is about not being able to see what is right in front of your eyes. Jess and Kathryn make no eye contact during the piece, as Kathryn is unable to "see" Jess. While I don't think Jess performed this dance extremely well, the choreography was so beautiful that it saved him from the bottom three.

Jason Gilkinson, Viennese Waltz, (Melanie & Pasha) -- This dance proved that no matter what style, if you have a strong dancer they can make absolutely anything look good. The Viennese waltz is typically one of the death dances on SYTYCD, making this routine even more special. The Viennese waltz was this week's triple threat: perfect music, elegant choreography and amazing dancers.

Tyce Diorio, jazz, (Ricky & Allison) -- Tyce redeemed himself with this jazz routine about waking up from a bad dream. Nigel praised Tyce, saying he enjoys when he moves away from Broadway routines with numbers where he can be more "free." I think Tyce needs to stop doing Broadway completely and stick to contemporary/jazz numbers, which is where he shines. 

Nakul Dev Mahajan, Bollywood (Clarice & Robert) -- I can't really get excited about Bollywood, but this routine brought the judges to their feet. Neil Patrick Harris said Nakul gave Clarice a dance that allowed her to finally connect with the audience.

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