July 25, 2011

Glee Post-Graduation: Who Will Stay, Who Will Go?

There's a bit of confusion in the blogosphere as to whether some of the Glee cast will leave the show post-graduation. 

While series creator Ryan Murphy publicly said that Lea Michele (Rachel), Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Cory Monteith (Finn) will depart once they don the cap and gown in Season 3, new comments out of Comic Con this weekend tell a different story.

Brian Falchuk, a creator and executive producer, said Michele, Colfer and Monteith will remain with the series in Season 4. “Just because they’re graduating doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show,” he said during a panel discussion.

In what form they will return remains to be seen, but no one likes a college kid that hangs around high school (think Screech Powers in Saved by the Bell). If the producers are going to make the choice to have the Gleeks graduate, they should also allow them to move on from McKinley.

But there's always the fear that Glee zealots will not connect with a new group of kids, especially amid slow ratings for the reality show The Glee Project, which was aimed at finding the next star to fill one of the vacant roles.

The only thing for certain, is Chord Overstreet (Sam) will not be back this season. Falchuk said Overstreet was asked to return to Season 3, but he turned down the offer.

Do you think the graduating Gleeks should continue on the show post-graduation?

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