July 5, 2011

Big Bang Theory Season 4 DVD: Pre-Order

Big Bang Theory Season 4, which introduced quite possibly one of the funniest characters on TV, will be released on DVD on Sept. 13.

In Season 4, Chuck Lorre developed Sheldon his first love interest, or what would be considered a significant other in the socially-awkward physicists' alternate universe. Played by Mayim Bialik, aka Blossom, Amy Farrah Fowler is the perfect compliment to Sheldon's neurosis and occasional Bazinga.

Raj and Howard meet Amy on a dating Web site on an account they create for Sheldon at the end of Season 3. A neurobiologist, Amy and Sheldon share a disdain for physical contact, with neither actually wanting a relationship (Amy joined the dating site to appease her mother).

The initial development of Sheldon and Amy's "relationship" in the episodes "The Robotic Manipulation" and "The Zazzy Substition" are some of the best of the series.

Amy's friendship with Penny, whom she declares her bestie, is another highlight of the season. While Sheldon and Amy are near replicas, Penny and Amy are polar opposites. Amy is looking to fit in with a clique of girlfriends having been a loner most of her life. Her clear absence of female friends is evident as she talks openly (to the chagrin of those around her) about female anatomy and gets drunk with Penny and Bernadette in "The Agreement Dissection."

While Season 4 found a gem in Amy Farrah Fowler, the rest of the season fell flat. Penny's character (played by Kaley Cuoco) was unexplored in Season 4, after Cuoco was absent from several episodes due to a horse accident.

Howard's relationship with Bernadette was also lackluster, while Raj's story line continued to focus on his inability to speak to women.

But the most disappointing part of Season 4 was Leonard's relationship with Raj's sister Priya. Having hooked up five years ago, Priya returns to the U.S. from India and their romance reignites. A lawyer, Priya comes across as cold and stoic, which is jarring against Leonard's lovable personality. Priya decides to stay in the U.S. and Leonard moves in with her in Raj's apartment.

Priya and Leonard's relationship only makes me long even more for him and Penny to get back together.

But it looks like Penny could end up with another one of the nerds, as Season 4 ends with an, er, bang, that will certainly be a hilariously amusing opener to Season 5.

You can pre-order your copy of Big Bang Theory Season 4 on Amazon.com for $29.99 and free shipping.  

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