June 8, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8 Spoiler: Top 10 Girls

OMG Dance revealed the top 10 girl contestants for So You Think You Can Dance Season 8. The site does stress that none of these contestants are definite, but according to their sources and gossip within the industry, we can probably expect to see these girls competing on the live show.

Too Much To Tivo takes a closer look at these potential contestants.

Melanie Moore:
We met Melanie Moore, an art student at Fordham University, during her audition in Atlanta, Ga. The contemporary dancer showed off her adorable and charming style. Melanie's audition also tugged at the heartstrings, as she recounted the passing of her father when she was 12-years-old. The Ginnifer Goodwin-look alike was crowned senior VIP last year at JUMP.

Miranda Maleski:
Miranda Maleski is a student at the Reign Dance Productions studio in Penn Hills, Pa., having won many awards including "Top Senior Solo" at Dance Masters of Pennsylvania, "Outstanding Dance" at the New York City Dance Alliance and "Over All Battle Winner" at the Coastal Dance Rage in Florida. 

Ryan Ramirez:
It could finally be Ryan Ramirez's year. The contemporary dancer, who is Mia Michael's assistant, made it to the top 24 last year, but failed to make the cut for the top 10. Since appearing on Season 7, Ramirez has most recently appeared as a dancer on Glee.

Jordan Casanova:
Jordan Casanova, the self-proclaimed nice girl, brought a sexy audition to the judges.

Sasha Mallory:
I am a bit surprised to see Sasha's name on this list. Sasha auditioned with her sister Natalie in Atlanta, Ga. Both were sent to choreography and sent through to Vegas. While Sasha and Natalie danced well together, I didn't think either particularly stood out. Sasha is a dancer for American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.

Caitlin Lawson:
OMGDance didn't specify exactly which Caitlin would appear on Season 8, but it looks like it could be  this ballroom dancer. We haven't actually seen Caitlin on Season 8 yet, but there's a good chance she will be featured during Vegas week.

Ashley Rich:
Ashley Rich trained at the famed Ailey school in New York City and has performed in music videos and at the Apollo Theater. Ashley is a dance instructor at Tiffany's Dance Academy of Tracy. According to Ashley's bio on starnow.com, "I am currently taking an acting class to enhance my skills as a performer, and I am also interested in other forms of entertainment such as acting and modeling, cooking show hosting."

Iveta Lukosiute:
Latin ballroom dancer Iveta Lukosiute was cut during Vegas week in Season 6, as she struggled with other styles of dance. It will be interesting to see how much she has grown since last year. Iveta and Season 6 champ Russell Ferguson performed a sexy ballroom number during the Vegas audition rounds.

Missy Morelli:
Missy Morelli may have finally made it to the top 20 after being cut in the Green Mile in Season 7. Morelli has made reoccurring appearances on Glee as a member of Vocal Adrenaline.

Clarice Ordaz:
Clarice Ordaz is a contemporary dancer from the West Coast School of the Arts, which boasts Season 6 contestant Melissa Sandvig as a teacher.

What do you make of these possible top 10 female contestants? Posts your comments and who you think will actually move on.


Betty said...

Melanie Moore has my vote! She is so much more than her story....she is a GREAT dancer!

Anonymous said...

Jordan Casanova is from Dance Precisions in Placentia, Ca. Go Jordan!!