June 29, 2011

(Not So) Guilty Pleasure: Drop Dead Diva

I absolutely love it when my guilty pleasure turns out to be not so guilty.  Follow me here, we all watch those shows that are so terrible but we love them anyway. So they fall under the guilty pleasure category -- this way we can let people know that, yes we realize how bad it is. BUT every so often a guilty pleasure turns out to be good, no better than good… great! Then you WHOOP loudly and enthusiastically and other people will realize what you have always known -- you have great taste.

Today that honor is bestowed upon Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

The show just kicked of its third season. Here is the basic premise: Deb, a ditzy blond model is killed in a car crash. While she is waiting in line to get into the after-life she pushes a button that sends her soul back into another woman -- Jane, a size 16 lawyer who was also recently killed. I know, I know it sounds terrible… but trust me on this. Watching Deb/Jane (Brooke Elliott) adjust to her new life is entertaining and inspiring.

The supporting cast is equally enjoyable and round out Jane/Deb’s life. Her secretary, Teri (played by a hysterical Margaret Cho), Deb’s best friend Stacy, the ditz with a heart of gold, Deb’s former fianc√© who just happens to work in Jane’s law firm Greyson and Fred and Jane’s guardian angel.

Diva has also had a slew of memorable guest star appearances. Paula Abdul plays a judge in a few of Jane’s dream sequences (they involve singing/dancing), Rosie O’Donnell also plays a judge, but a kindred spirit of the old (stick in the mud) Jane, and most recently Leann Rimes was featured as a bitter ex-wife on trial for murder.

This show could have been flat, it could have been cheesy. Instead it took the best parts of Legally Blond added some sarcasm, sophistication and some good-natured silliness, and the result: A (not so) Guilty Pleasure!

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