May 31, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8 Auditions: Atlanta, San Francisco

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off last night with auditions in Atlanta and San Francisco. Here's a look at the dancers that stood out.

Melanie Moore:  
The Ginnifer Goodwin look-a-like is a contemporary dancer currently studying art at Fordham University in New York. Melanie, who hails from Marietta, Ga., recounted the passing of her father when she was younger.

D-Day Twins:
Deon and Damon, a.k.a., the D-Day twins, wowed the judges with their unique b-boy routine. But former SYTYCD contestant Dominic Sandoval accused the two of stealing their choreography from Les Twins. Nonetheless, both Deon and Damon made it straight through to Vegas.

Marco Germar:
Marco was shot during a robbery and has a bullet lodged in his shoulder. But this didn't stop him from moving on to Vegas.

Kimalee Piedad:
Theater arts performer Kimalee is back. She made it to Vegas in Season 6, but was cut.

Amber Williams:
Amber Williams may be a great dancer, but she stood out more for her quirky personality then her audition.

Ashley Rich:
Ashley describes her style as modern contemporary.

Danielle Ihle:
Danielle revealed her painful childhood. Her dad lost his job and abandoned her family, leaving her mom to rebuild their life. While the judges didn't send her straight through to Vegas, she proved herself in the choreography round.

Jeffrey “Machine” McCann:
Nicknamed "Machine," Jeffrey McCann appeared as a dancer in Step Up 2, Step Up 3D and Dance Flick.

Ryan Ramirez: Ryan Ramirez, Mia Michael's assistant, is back after being cut during the Green Mile in Season 7. Ramirez was most recently seen in the season finale of Glee as the lead singer of Acapella. The judges called Ramirez a beautiful dancer and said she has significantly improved from last year.

Lilly Nguyen: Lilly didn't get much face time, but from the brief clip we saw her style is an interesting fusion of contemporary and b-girl.

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