June 29, 2011

Alex Wong Watch SYTYCD Season 8

(Updated on June 29)

Alex Wong may not be competing on Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance, but the classically trained ballet dancer was spotted on another reality talent competition.

Last night, Wong appeared on The Voice, dancing for top 4 finalist Dia Frampton. He Tweeted this picture of them back stage prior to the live competition.
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Wong broke the hearts of millions of SYTYCD zealots when he did not return to the dancing competition this year.

Following the announcement of the top 20, Wong Tweeted:  "Hi All...I'm not back on SYTYCD competing because I wasn't ready to dance when Vegas rounds came, thanks for everyone's support!"

Alex Wong watch 2011 was in full affect heading into So You Think You Can Dance's premiere.

While Wong may not be competing, there's still hope he will an appearance as an all-star. The all-star's will be revealed following top 12 eliminations.

In recent weeks, Wong has danced with other former alums on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was seen in the trailer to NBC's new fall show, Smash. Wong Tweeted on May 17: "Clip from NBC's SMASH! See if you can find me :P http://www.nbc.com/smash/video/baseball-gets-sexy/1327399/?__cid=thefilter" (If you can't find him, Wong is in the grey t-shirt and lifts Megan Hilty at about 00:27.)  

Wong was also spotted performing with other SYTYCD former contestants at Fox's upfront event held in New York. He shared the stage with  Kent Boyd and Lauren Gottlieb, as well as former Season 10 American Idol contestants. Wong Tweeted this picture of the gang during rehearsal.

Wong made it to the top 8 in Season 7, but was disqualified after an injury following his show-stopping hip-hop performance with Twitch. Nigel Lythgoe promised Wong a place in the top 10, but Wong has never made definitive statement as to whether he would accept the offer.

Season 7 was Wong's second attempt at SYTYCD. In Season 6, Wong was disqualified from the show due to a contract with Miami City Ballet.

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Anonymous said...

So, he's in the trailer for Smash in the dance corps. It's like he's everywhere and nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Correction: It was season 5 in which Alex was unable to join the top 20 because of his contract.

Anonymous said...

love him so much. I was disappointed so much last season and refused to see the show after he left. Hope he would come back one day.

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