May 8, 2011

10 Mob Wives Quotes That Will Kill You

Mob Wives makes the cast of Jersey Shore look classy. Snooki can only aspire to be these Italian princesses when she grows up. The Jersey Shore may have introduced the world to GTL and grenades, but Mob Wives is bringing a real game of Mafia Wars into our living rooms.

Here's a look at the best Mob Wives quotes so far this season. The show airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on VH1.

“Someone who doesn’t like furs, we would simply contend we haven’t arrived. Unlike me.”- Renee

"I don't leave anywhere. I never have and I never will" - Renee 

" Yeah bitch, I do know that picture because it was sitting on my bedroom wall when I used to ride your husband.” - Karen 

"They ask me why I don't date. Because all the good ones are in jail" - Renee

"Staten Island is the breeding ground for the Mafia" - Karen 

"When I fight an ambulance is not far off." - Drita 

"The way gangstas work it out, they have a sit down." - Renee 

"You wanna play Mafia Wars? I win b*tch." - Renee 

"I bet that mother f***ker knows who I am now." - Renee

"Sammy the Bull f*ed John Gotti. I'm gangster and I'm coming home" - Karen


sarah said...

Those are some crazy quotes. I think that my favorite is Renee. I love the quote "You want to play Mafia Wars? I win" I'm not going to add the other words but you get the clue. This is a great show. I always talk it over with my DISH co-workers and they love it too. I missed last episode due to a family event happening at the time but I'm glad I was able to watch it on It’s a great website to have to catch up with your favorite shows.

Audra said...

Renee u are so remarcable and wonderful person and everyone else is to except drita she is not true and she does lie ive watched show she says one thing behind back but other to facethan denies to another face. Thats not good why do u all deal w that renee esp.u are a brautiful person to u truely care like the others except drita watch self w her i hate to say it but does it really make u happy hang w that type of person u all are better than that u all wond.drita needs to stop u guys allways fight and its her and when u watch video it seems she is smiling back cause she started something I dont care how.long or how much I love the person I will never put myself in that type of inv.where drita is hang she is trouble I hope all u wake up and realize it the rest of gang I have total resp.for exc.drita she throws her name out there on who she is.than u women do its degrating to be honest also im so excited ur show is on I am also 1wk left of kemo I really would like to hear from renee or one of the others except.drita sorry but what I see she does.i dont like but I do wish to hear from 1of u it is my greatest wish I wished for if.i survive kemo

mamaFIA said...

<3 mOb wives(TEAM DRITA)

Anonymous said...

mob wives is my favorite show. I am sorry you all hate on drita. I watch this show when I am working out. As a fellow model I know how gjrls hate when they feel inferior to the prettier girl. Drita is real, says what she means and means what she says and shes a great mom. Her only.fault is she cares too much about others and some people take her kindness for weakness

Angela said...

Team Drita here too! I have yet to hear one thing I thought was a lie from her. Haters always gonna hate anyone who is real.

boobins 12 said...

drita is the bomb........and if u stab her in the back she'll explode on ur ass.....we albainians are notorius