April 21, 2011

'Glee' Extra Tweets Prom King & Queen, Producers Fire Back

Glee extra, Nicole Crowther, received instant fame this week when she revealed via Twitter the names of McKinley High's Prom King and Queen. Her now defunct Twitter account, @NicoleCrowther, was hit with some negative feedback - particularly from one irate Glee producer. Brad Falchuk (@BFalchuk) tweeted back:

@ hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.
@ Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?
Before deleting her Twitter account, Nicole made one last statement:
"They are not doing reshoots because of my careless mistake so shut up haters and leave me alone. Grow up and get a life.”
Crowther's remarks may result in the addition of a liquidated damages provisions to its Glee deals - aka future spoilers will have to pay the studio a hefty fine.

Continue reading to find out who McKinley High's Prom King and Queen will be...


According to Crowther's Tweet:
“K is PQ and Ka is PK”
Any Gleek knows this clearly means Kurt will be Prom Queen and Karofsky will be Prom Queen. This definitely fits the episode's overall theme and title, "Born This Way."

It was also reported that Crowther confirmed that Rachel will ask Sam to prom, but he'll turn her down.

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