February 17, 2011

True Blood Gets A New Packmaster

TVLine has recently announced that Daniel Buran will join the season 4 cast of HBO's True Blood. Buran, who has previously held guest spots on Southland, Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY, will play Raoul - the new Shrevport packmaster.

Buran joins an ever-growing list of previously announced season 4 newbies. Among them, Fiona Shaw, Courtney Ford, Janina Gavankar, Alexandra Breckenridge, Vedette Lim, Christina Moore, Neil Hopkins, Chris Butler, Dane DeHaan, Rebecca Wisocky and Paola Turbay.

If the book series is any indication, this season will focus around a group of witches who come into town and remove Eric's memory, which results in a rather steamy relationship between the vamp and Sookie. This will all culminate in a great Witch War where lives are lost on both sides. But that's only if Alan Ball decides to stick to Harris' original story. We can at least hope for the hot romance between Eric and Sookie that we've been waiting for since season 1!