January 26, 2011

Music From One Tree Hill: Episode 12

Season 8, Episode 12: "The Drinks We Drank Last Night"
"All the Difference" - Red Cortez All the Difference - Hands to the Wall - EP
"Cut Loose" - The High Decibels Cut Loose - Cut Loose - EP
            "Fell On the Floor" - Red Cortez Fell On the Floor - Hands to the Wall - EP
            "Get Up & Fight" - Juice Monkey Get Up & Fight - Change We Can Believe In

            "Loaded" - Extreme Production Music
            "Love Is" - Helen Austin Love Is - Treehouse
            "Low" - Flo Rida Low (feat. T-Pain) - Mail On Sunday

            "Move Like This" - Hammerwax
            "Radiostar" - Get Back Sons Radiostar (Play Me Like a Radio) - Radiostar (Play Me Like a Radio) - Single
            "Rough Cut" - The Paper Raincoat Rough Cut - The Paper Raincoat
            "Say It Once" - Glass Pear Say It Once - Sweet America
            "So Many Things" - The Whispering Tree So Many Things - Go Call the Captain

            "Susanna" - Trickbag

            "Ten Million & Two" - Yvonne Devaney
            "The Sun's Going Down On Me" - Hans Olson The Sun's Going Down On Me - Another Day With the Blues
            "Under Control" - Cary Brothers Under Control - Under Control (Bonus Track Version)

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