December 20, 2010

'Pretty Little Liars' Releases Soundtrack

ABC Family, along with WaterTower Records and Warner Horizon Television, has announced the release of it's first full-length Pretty Little Liars soundtrack. This album will feature 11 songs heard on the first season of the show, including the well-known theme song "Secret" by The Pierces. The limited-edition fan pack on sale now includes a poster with a new secret message from Alison, the soundtrack CD, and an instant iPod-friendly download of the album upon ordering. You can purchase the fan pack at or wait for the album's in-store release February 15, 2011. Read below for a full track list:

1. "Secret" - The Pierces
2. "Beauty Queen" - Ben's Brother
3. "I Won't" - Colbie Caillat
4. "More of You" - MoZella
5. "Suggestions" - Orelia Has Orchestra
6. "Fresh Pair of Eyes" - Brooke Waggoner
7. "Jack and Jill" - Katie Herzig
8. "All Those Pretty Lights" - Andrew Belle
9. "Genius of Fun" - Love Grenades
10. "Make You Mine" - 2AM Club
11. "Out of Reach" - Matthew Perryman

Pretty Little Liars returns January 3, 2011 on ABC Family @ 8 p.m.

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