December 20, 2010

Is NBC's 'The Voice' An 'Idol' Copycat?

From producers Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) and John de Mol (Big Brother) comes a new singing competition called The Voice of America. The show will air on NBC this spring - just in time to rival Fox's Idol.

Based on The Voice of Holland, this series will feature four celebrities who form teams of singers that they'll coach throughout the competition. Contestants will be eliminated until only one singer from each team remains. The final four will then perform in a live finale where the viewers vote, and the winner receives a recording contract.

Not only is the competition different, but the audition process will be as well. The celeb judges (yet to be announced) will make their choices based on singing voice alone. This means they won't actually get to see any contestant until they are chosen to be on a team. Once the teams are formed pairs of singers from the same group will be put against one another, and the losers will go home. More details on the host and judges will be revealed closer to the air date.

Is this a new spin on an old idea, or will The Voice prove that a person's appearance actually contributes to the judges' picks? Tell us what you think!

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