December 8, 2010

CW Makes Their Own Glee...Again

A few months back we mentioned that the CW is working on their very own version of Glee called Acting Out. A similar show is now in development by the same network, making it questionable whether the original summer band camp dramedy will get picked up at all.

Tentatively titled The Prickly Spheres, "will revolve around a classical-music prodigy who turns down a full ride at Julliard and instead ends up joining an alternative-rock band in Minneapolis filled with quirky but super-talented musicians," according to Vulture. Ex-Britney Spears manager, and current Backstreet Boys handler, Jeff Kwatinetz, will be spearheading this new project and writing the pilot along with Matt Goldman (The Wizards of Waverly Place) and Rich Frank (Royal Pains). I wonder how many more versions of the same show the CW can spin out before finally picking one.


Jeanne's Daughter said...

Sounds like a glee hsm mash up. Yawn!

Amy Kover said...

Sounds like glee/hsm mash up. Is this what happens to Ryan when he goes to julliard? Yawn.

Danielle said...

My thoughts exactly, Amy! But of course I'll have to at least try the first episode (I feel like I owe it to the CW).

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