November 15, 2010

'Vampire Diaries' Extended Preview & Spoilers

Check out this extended preview of The Vampire Diaries upcoming episode, "The Sacrifice." Sadly, it won't be airing until December 2nd, followed by only one more episode until the show goes on an almost month-long hiatus (But don't forget to catch the TVD marathon event the week of December 13th on the CW!)

This year's final episode is said to end with a major cliffhanger revolving around Tyler's transformation into a werewolf. According to producer, Julie Plec, "[Tyler] won’t be the only werewolf in Mystic Falls by the time we get into the New Year. The old Lockwood cellar exists for a reason, and we’ll be making some very good use out of it for this episode. Tyler’s transformation from human into werewolf, it’s the literal growing pains of a boy becoming a man... seeing how he comes out the other side will define who he is." Looks like we'll be getting into some pretty familiar vampire/werewolf enemy territory for the remainder of this season.

Aside from this event, former One Tree Hill star, Michaela McManus, will be making her TVD debut this episode as Mason Lockwood's friend Jules and will be causing all sorts of trouble. If that's not enough dirt from the show's producer, Plec also says Tyler and Caroline will be developing a, "very, very intense relationship. They’re gonna go through hell and back with each other. If and when it turns romantic, is one of those wait-and-see kind of things." Also, Caroline's deciding not to tell Damon she exposed herself as a vampire to Tyler will have major, "repercussions." Sounds like the rest of season 2 will be just as fantastic, if not better!

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