November 18, 2010

'So You Think You Can Dance' Returns To Old Format

It's still months away, but we're already hearing that our favorite dance competition will be making a few changes next season. So You Think You Can Dance's Nigel Lythgoe recently revealed to the new format for its eighth season. Returning to it's old (and more favorable) ways, the show will now feature a Top 20, with All-Stars being introduced once the group shrinks down to the final 10 contestants.

"America doesn't necessarily like change to its programs." Lythgoe told TV Guide Magazine. "But as last season went on, people realized the All-Stars inspired the choreographers to do even better and inspired the dancers to be stronger. The dancers had partners that knew exactly what they were doing."

There's also some speculation that the "Hot Tamale" train will be back full-time next season. Choreographer and judge, Mary Murphy, remained mum about the rumors and suggested we stayed tuned in January for more info.

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