November 30, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Gets 'Creepy'

If you think the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale was frightening, you haven’t seen anything yet, says Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna Marin on the ABC Family series.

When Pretty Little Liars returns on Jan. 3, Hanna is in the hospital, recovering from being run over. “People are in the hospital who shouldn’t be there. It’s creepy,” Benson noted during a call with reporters.

Benson says, while her character doesn’t really remember what happens, she thinks she knows who she saw in the forest and tells the rest of the girls. “Things just escalate from there.”

As if A hasn’t toyed with the girls enough, Benson says that she (or he) gets meaner and tortures the Pretty Little Liars. “Hanna gets pushed to her limits. The first episodes are kind of crazy.”

Check back later for the full Q&A with Benson.