November 15, 2010

Palins Take Over TV

What has the world come to when the Palins are driving TV ratings?

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" premiered on TLC this Sunday to a whopping 5 million viewers, making it the biggest premiere in TLC history. The reality show chronicles the former Republican vice presidential candidate as she takes viewers on a front-row tour of the state.

In last night's episode, Sarah Palin provided some lessons on mama grizzlies, rock climbed (not very well) and discussed a 14-foot fence she built to keep out her nosey journalist neighbor. Palin said some people might say about the fence, "Oh, this is what we need to do to secure our nation's border."

Then there's her daughter Bristol, who performed in the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars despite being in the bottom of the competition for six weeks (then saved by voters) and being unable to dance her way out of a brown paper bag with a flashlight.

Bristol Palin credits her success on DWTS to being grounded. "I am relatable to the audience out there, and untouched and raw and vulnerable," she said. "No offense to anyone else, but I am not fake. People do connect with be because they feel I'm real and not typical Hollywood."

How Bristol can say she is not "Hollywood" is beyond absurd. The whole Palin family are media whores, which is funny considering she chastised her ex and baby daddy, Levi Johnston, for his reality show. All I know is you wouldn't see Chelsea Clinton doing the Cha Cha Cha on national TV.

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