November 11, 2010

'The Office' Hosts 'Glee' Viewing Party

We all love a good TV crossover event, especially when it happens by two shows on different networks! NBC's The Office will be tipping their hat to FOX tonight when the show's couple, Erin (Ellie Kemper) and Gabe (Zach Woods), host a Glee viewing party. Erin hopes this will get the rest of their coworkers and their boss, Michael (Steve Carell), to like Gabe more.

According to, "The biggest Gleek will be Kelly Kapoor, played by Mindy Kaling, and 'although she claims to hate the show, she knows everything about it. And Oscar (Oscar Nunez) feels like everyone should stop assuming he's a big Gleek because he's gay." The network was not particularly happy about supporting a show from a rival station, but they allowed it to happen anyway. Tune in tonight to see this comedy crossover event.

Watch The Office Thursday's @ 9p.m. on NBC.