November 1, 2010

CW Adapts 'Secret Circle'

Following the success of the hit show The Vampire Diaries, the CW will be adapting another of L.J. Smith's series. Although Smith felt her novel "Night World" would make the best fit for small screen, the network has chosen "The Secret Circle" instead. The supernatural series will be spearheaded by writing and producing team Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (known for their work on The Vampire Diaries and Angel) with screenwriter Andrew Miller.

According the, "The 'Secret Circle' series follows 16-year-old Cassie, who moves from California to live with her mom in New Salem and falls in love with a mysterious boy named Adam. But, when she enrolls in high school there, she realizes that he, she and all the other elite students at the school are witches! She befriends their leader, Diana, but soon discovers that Adam and Diana are dating, which leads to a whole bunch of complicated drama."

Only time will tell whether the CW can pull off yet another supernatural series on their network, or if they should stick to reality.

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