October 13, 2010

A 'Vampire' Bite Finally Kills

The Vampire Diaries will be killing off one of its characters in an upcoming episode, according to E! Online. No word yet on who it will be or a time frame for when it will occur, but it is sure to be an actual won't-come-back-to-life death (as oppose to Jeremy or Caroline's murders).

One thing's for sure, we know our three main characters are safe because the CW would never be so cruel to us. It's likely that the death will be at Tyler's hands since he still has to kill someone in order to trigger the werewolf curse. However, if we know this station at all it's likely to be Katherine's death in which case no actor will leave the series - just a character on the show (one we wouldn't miss very much anyway). But these dramas are full of surprises, so we can never really be sure.

Check out the preview below released this week at NYC Comic-Con for a sneak peek at what's to come.

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