October 25, 2010

15-Year-Old Could Be Next American Idol

Nigel Lythgoe, who is returning to American Idol for its 10th season, Tweeted that the producers saw a 15-year-old audition in Nashville today that could win the entire competition.

Lythgoe Tweeted the following from his @DizzyFeet handle: We have just seen a really gifted 15 year old that may well win #AmericanIdol this Season. Brilliant talent in Nashville today.

Lythgoe received some lash back after posting his prediction, with people accusing the Brit of  "pimping and rigging." Lythgoe defended: "I didn't mention male or female or name them. You're really sick."

The final round for those who auditioned in Nashville this summer are taking place this week.

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