September 15, 2010

One Tree Hill Brings Back Theme Song, Are Lucas & Peyton Next?

Last night's season premiere of One Tree Hill brought back Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Want To Be" in their opening credits.

What's next to come back? We're hoping Lucas and Peyton! They haven't been seen or heard from since they drove off into the sunset during the finale of season 6, but the pair were alluded to multiple times last night throughout the episode. Mark Schwahn, the show's executive producer, has even said, "Brooke's wedding would be a really organic, kind of poignant way to bring Peyton and Lucas back. It's my hope that we'll see them at the wedding. I'm a fan of that."

We're a fan of that too since the show can't seem to get any worse. But, the one thing they always tend to get right: the music. Check out a list below of music from last night's episode!

 Season 8, Episode 1: "Asleep At Heaven's Gate"
 "All In a Day" - The Open Season 
 "Happy" - The Daylights 
              "I'll Do Better" - Jarrod Gorbel 
              "Stick To Your Guns" - Onwards, Soldiers 
              "The Search" - Setting Fires 
              "There's A Light" - Jay Malinowski 
              "We Did It When We Were Young" - The Gaslight Anthem 

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