September 12, 2010

Mike & Molly: Advance Review

I must admit the only reason I was even interested in the new CBS sitcom, Mike & Molly, was to see Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James, Gilmore Girls) return to TV. But I was surprised to get an endearing comedy about real people grappling with their insecurities in search of love and self-contentment. 

Mike & Molly, the brain child of  Mark Roberts and Chuck Lorre, follows Chicago police officer Mike (Billy Gardell), and fourth grade teacher Molly, as they combat weight issues. In the series premier the two meet in Overeaters Anonymous and after several comedic encounters finally set up a date.

The two are supported by Reno Wilson who plays Mike's partner, Carl McMillan; Katy Mixon as Victoria Flynn, Molly's mom; Swoosie Kurtz, as Molly's sister Joyce Flynn; and Nyambi Nyambi, the very funny coffee shop owner, Samuel.

The only potential pit fall of Mike & Molly will be if the show turns into one big fat joke, though I trust Lorre to go beyond focusing on weight and turn Mike and Molly into real characters we will fall in love with.

Still, there's been an influx of TV shows focusing on overweight characters, from this summer's, ABC Family series Huge, to reality shows The Biggest Loser and Dance Your Ass Off, and I'm really hoping Mike & Molly won't just be another blip in a growing trend.

While shinning a light on weight issues is refreshing given most Americans can relate more to dealing with obesity then the drama of trendy teens living on the Upper West Side, there are only so many police-donut jokes you can make before it gets old. I'm hoping that won't happen with Mike & Molly.

Mike & Molly premiers on Sept. 20 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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