September 10, 2010

9 Top Jersey Shore Quotes (Episode 7)

Sammi: I went to the ground like this...with my turkey sandwich.

Pauly D: Nothing like a nice herpe to ruin the party.

Snooki: I'm a guidette, you don't say Mami

Angelina: I don't like Vinny either. He's not even good looking. He needs to jump off the I'm god looking train, because he's ugly.  [editors note: At the end of the episode Vinny and Angelina "smoosh" and Angelina says "he is cute."]

Vinny (talking to Angelia): Okay Kim Kardashian. You're more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island.

Snooki: I'm not white. I'm not white.
J-WOWW: What are you?
Snooki: I'm tan.

Angelina (talking about Vinny): Wait until I trash your name in Staten Island when I get home.

Pauly D: Whatever happens, happens. I got the best blow out in the country.

Pauly D: Why don't you check the Staten Island dump. I heard you like to visit it this time of year.

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