September 12, 2010

4 Top Jersey Shore Quotes (Episode 8)

We got a special treat this week with a new episode of Jersey Shore before the Video Music Awards. Vinny's family and dirty Uncle Nino paid a visit, Angelina told Jose she hooked up with Vinny, Pauly D took a girl on a real date and Vinny got stood up.

While there weren't many great one-liners, the episode showed Vinny and Pauly D in a new light as they tried to impress two girls, buying flowers, getting haircuts and making reservations at a fancy restaurant.

But of course, the Jersey Shore cast was up to their usual antics. Here are the best quotes from Sunday's special episode.

Pauly D: Uncle Nino is an OG, Original Guido.

Uncle Nino: Pauly spikes, Mike Sanitation...

Uncle Nino: I went to the doctor he said stop doing drugs, stop drinking, stop having sex; you know what I did, I  switched doctors.

Situation: Angelina is the Staten Island ferry, everyone gets a ride and it's free.

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