August 10, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Q&A

May 15, 2010 - Burbank, California, U.S. - Pretty Little Liars arrive at the Disney and ABC Television Group Summer press junket at ABC in Burbank. © Red Carpet Pictures

Pretty Little Liars Executive Producer and writer Marlene King answered fans questions on Twitter before the series finale. Here's what she had to say:

Is it hard to put a book into a tv show and not making it the exact same story?

Sara wrote such amazing characters and stories, the only hard part is deciding how to use the wealth of material she created.

Is Alison going to be portrayed as anything but evil on the show? The girls allude to it, but there's no proof it's true!

As the show continues we will see that Ali was a friend to them but a frienemy at the same time.

Is Toby still alive?

Tonight you will find out the truth about Toby.

Is it better to have read the books first or can you just watch the show?

My goal is to write a show that is fun to watch for all. If you have read books we only add and surprise you.

Will there be one full season of Pretty Little Liars since the show is going through the storyline of the books so fast?

We have so many fun stories to tell. The show will run for years and secrets will continue to shock and astound you.

Did you expect the show to be a big success?

I hoped we would tap into the success of the books and I am so happy viewers have embraced the show!

Which was your favorite episode to create?

The pilot and summer finale are so far my favorite episodes. They entice and deliver.

Will the relationship between Aria and Ezra continue throughout the rest of the seasons?

The summer finale answers a big Aria Ezra questions and brings you some important new developments.

From the previews I've seen for tonight, they've mentioned "glamping," is this an original concept or was it from the books?

I went glamping last summer and thought it would be a fun new twist to introduce people to.

Have you gotten any negative feedback with the Emily and Maya storyline? If so, how do you deal with it?

Emily and Maya have proven to be relatable and embraced by viewers and that thrills me.

Hey, so whats it like working with the cast?

The cast is my most favorite part of the job. They are kind, talented and teach me so much about life.

Can you describe Ashley, Shay, Lucy, and Troian in one word?


Who's story in the show is most intriguing to you?

Alison continues to amaze me. She is extremely complex.

Will Hanna and Lucas' relationship develop when the series returns?

Hanna and Lucas will develop a relationship that is separate from the books but will deepen with time.

What is the character you relate the most, and why?

There is more than one thing about each PLL that I relate to. I think they are universally real for me and others.

Will we be seeing more of Ella when the show returns?

We have a great story line for Ella coming up. She is going seek and find.

What can we expect from Spencer in the coming episodes, both the summer finale and the continuation in the winter?

Spencer will find herself thrown into the middle of both family and mystery drama.

Is there going to be a relationship between Ashley and Byron when the show continues?

I love that Ashley and Byron are becoming friends. Will it lead to more? We'll see.

Did Lucas Trash the memorial?

Lucas is so kind and giving to Hanna but he also harbors some deep wound that need to heal.

Is Ian going to be on the show more?

Tonight's episode will bring answer your question about Ian (the character).

Who did you cast first, Nia or Shay?  You did good pairing those two as mother and daughter.

We cast Shay as Emily and the moment Nia walked in the door we knew she had to play her mother.

Was the awesome bond between Emily and Toby planned?

We wanted Emily and Toby to have an interesting relationship but the chemistry they was a great surprise.
 Marlene ended on this note: Tonight's episode is definitely a cliffhanger. But don't get mad, jump off your couch and scream with delight.

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