August 18, 2010

Melissa & Joey: A '90s Kind of Family

Melissa & Joey is a refreshing break from the gluttony of teen dramas and reality TV that center around cheating, scandal and promiscuity. The new ABC Family series, which premiered last night, evokes the days of TGIF, where families huddled in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn, and just laughed. Don't we all need more of that carefree laughter right now?

With Melissa & Joey, ABC Family didn't introduce us to a "new kind of family," as its motto goes, but reunited us with an old favorite. Resembling classics like Charles In Charge and Who's The Boss, we were transported back to a simpler time, where different types of families were celebrated, instead of the bad behavior of grown-ups playing teens.

Last night I fell back in love with Joey Lawrence, who aged nicely from his days on Blossom. Lawrence plays a laid off broker going through a divorce, who takes a job as a nanny, Tony Danza style. Even Melissa Joan Hart was endearing in her role as a congress woman, who is forced to care for her sister's children when she is thrown in jail.

Only 10 episodes (which are 30-minutes each) were picked up, but I hope Melissa & Joey is permanently added to ABC Family's roster, as a much needed escape from the usual drama. 

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