August 25, 2010

Lost: The Ex-Boyfriend I Love To Hate

Lost is like a bad boyfriend, always knowing the right thing to say to keep me coming back for more.

After ending our six-year relationship with little explanation, Lost returned (to DVD) on Tuesday, promising answers. Instead all I got was some lame excuses. If you haven't already watched the 12-minute epilogue, "New Man In Charge," you should probably stop reading. While it wasn't especially satisfying, like a one-night stand, it's worth the experience.

Like this fly-by-night boyfriend, Lost is egotistical, looking to prove it can have you back if it wants, all the while secretly poking fun at your gullibility.

In "New Man In Charge," Benjamin Linus is in the process of shuttering Dharma stations, per the request of Hurley. The last two Dharma employees, are for a lack of a better word, lost, after Ben hands them their pink slips. The two overtly loyal employees, quite obviously, are supposed to represent disgruntled fans when they ask, "Wait, you can't just walk out of here! We deserve answers."

Ben placates them (and us) by popping in one of the Dharma orientation videos. It is in this video that we receive half-hearted explanations for some of our most frequently asked questions, like why polar bears are on the Island, women can't give birth and what's in Room 23.

Knowing exactly what we crave and what will make us swoon, Lost also gives us a few more minutes with grown-up Walt. Ben visits Walt in a mental hospital, where he is plagued every day with memories of the Island. Ben busts Walt out of the hospital and they drive off in a Dharma van where Hurley is waiting in the back seat. Hurley tells Walt that they want him to return to the Island because they have a job for him to do. Exactly what this job is, of course, we never find out.

And then, as quickly as Lost came back into my life, it was gone. Ah Lost, you really know how to tease, and sell DVDs.

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John Rasor said...

Pretty good writing and a great little concept, I liked it. I thought the Epilogue was not all that great, but Emerson is too cool for school, and I really enjoy watching him play Ben. I wrote a book called How Lost Got Lost, as I thought the ending was just awful, but still love the series. Perhaps you will read my blog at and make a comment there. We writers must stick together, and I did enjoy yours...