August 9, 2010

Lost Epilogue: Will Questions Be Answered?

Lost is giving us an 12-extra minutes of footage when it releases Season 6 on DVD on Aug. 24

The epilogue provides a peek into life post-Jacob, with Ben wrapping up some loose ends after Hurley becomes the man in charge.

The hope, of course, is Lost answers some of the many loose ends it left dangling (how did the polar bears get there, why did Walt have magical powers, why can't women have children on the Island). But it doesn't seem like there will be much resolved in only 12  minutes if they couldn't answer these questions in six seasons.

While a full-version of the epilogue was leaked last week, it has since been removed. Here is the Disney-approved clip while you wait for the DVD release:

What questions do you hope are answered in the epilogue?


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