August 10, 2010

Britney Spears To Appear In Glee

While we have known for months that there would be a Britney Spears-themed episode in Season 2 of Glee, creator Ryan Murphy told Ryan Seacrest today that the pop-diva will "100 percent" appear on the show.

There are not many other details out there about the episode, or if she will even appear on the same one featuring her music.  Britney will most likely play a dental assistant to John Stamos' character, according to reports.

"The Britney episode is so reverential about her and so kind and it's about her music and it's not about her personal life," Murphy said. "And I think, Britney Spears is pop culture, and I think she's been through a lot. And I want to do something that just sort of says, you know what, 'thank you for what you have done.'"

I am excited as anyone for a Brit Glee episode, but have you seen Britney lately? She was on a recent cover of Marie Claire, and even the air brushing couldn't help her. Unfortunately, Glee won't poke fun at Britney's messy life, as Murphy said they are handling her with "kid gloves."

Britney has been a big fan of the show, littering her Twitter feed with reference. Most recently, she said on July 22 that she was watching reruns of the show.