June 18, 2010

SYTYCD: And Then There Were 10

Give Me My Report pulled So You Think You Can Dance producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe aside after last night's results show for an up-close interview (literally the camera is really really close). Here is what he had to say:

Nigel isn't a fan of the all-stars leaving the stage after they are done performing. So we could see them standing next to their partners, lending some support, as the judges give their critique.

The judges were considering eliminating ballroom dancer Christina last night, which means tapper Melinda could be safe for a few more weeks.

Nigel wishes he could combine Kent's performance and personality with Alex's technique for an ultimate dancer. As he said on the show, he sees Robert as an underdog who could make it all the way to the top.

Nigel also admitted that the boys are very strong this year, and given the new format, Season 7 could be left with all-male contestants.

See the full video:

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