June 13, 2010

Lythgoe Should Worry About SYTYCD

So You Think You Can Dance creator and judge Nigel Lythgoe advises American Idol that it shouldn't try to replace Simon Cowell, according to CTV News.

Lythgoe, who produced Idol until 2008, said he is against having four judges. Like many fans, Lythgoe also believes Season 9 was lackluster.

"It's never been my opinion that four judges work on that program because it should be about the talent," Lythgoe told CTV News. "The team took their eye off the ball a little bit and was more worried about the judges and what was happening with them than it was regarding the talent last year. It became about Kara (DioGuardi) joining and making the fourth judge, Paula (Abdul) leaving, Ellen (Degeneres) joining and Simon leaving and much more about them and concentrating on that than on the talent that they were finding."

But Lythgoe may want to reserve his criticism for SYTYCD. The competition phase will begin this week for Season 7, but already the new format is questionable.

During the "Meet the Top 11" show last week, the new contestants performed group numbers in their own styles along with the all-star alum. Instead of showcasing this year's contestants, these performances drew attention to former favorites like Neil, Alison and Ade. It was actually hard to tell who was who.

The audition phase of the show only lasted two weeks and instead of a Top 20 there are just 11 contestants competing for the title of America's favorite dancers. It all seems a bit rushed and looks like SYTYCD is trying to be Dancing With The Stars.

What do you think of SYTYCD Season 7 so far?

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