May 12, 2010

Another Change Comes To SYTYCD

Yet another change is coming to So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. Instead of contestants walking the “Green Mile” to find out if they made it to the top 10, judges Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman will visit each contestants’ home personally to reveal whether or not they made the cut.

Seriously, is this necessary? It looks like after mediocre ratings during Season 6, SYTYCD is looking for any way to ignite interest. The sad thing is, what made SYTYCD so much better than other reality competitions, is that it didn’t buy into all of that nonsense (the trips to the contestants home towns, unnecessary meanness). The reason the show has been suffering is because it started to move in the direction of American Idol. These changes are only proliferating what has contributed to SYTYCD’s downturn.

Other alterations for Season 7 include: Mia Michaels replacing Murphy as a resident judge, contestants dancing with SYTYCD alums instead of each other and there will be a top 10 instead of a top 20.

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