April 19, 2010

Ugly Betty The Movie?

Ugly Betty retired her poncho and removed her braces, but the unlikely heroine may not be gone for good.

Ana Ortiz, who plays Hilda, Betty’s older beauty-queen sister, told People magazine that there may be an Ugly Betty movie! Reportedly, Ortiz, along with America Ferrera and Venessa Williams, are campaigning to bring the show to the big screen.

It’s obvious Ugly Betty producers left an opening for a comeback in one form or another. The series could have ended with Betty driving off in her limo, her pre-makeover reflection glimmering in the background, and I would have been satisfied.

But instead the writers took it one step further, giving us a glimpse into her life in London, which includes a possible romance with Daniel Meade.

While I would love to see Ugly Betty return in any way possible (four seasons just wasn’t enough for me), it does seem like we have already learned the lesson Betty set out to accomplish: in a world driven by looks, it is even more important to be a beautiful person.

The credits finalized this transformation, as the title Ugly Betty faded into Betty. What more is there left to explore? Regardless, Sex and the City found enough fodder for not one, but two movies, so I am sure Ugly Betty can do it.

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