April 27, 2010

SYTYCD Spoiler: Top 24 Dancers Revealed (Part 2)

SYTYCDism revealed Season 7's top 24 finalists.

There seems to be little diversity in this year's contestants. Out of the top 12 girls to make it to the Green Mile, 10 are contemporary dancers. We could be in for a monotonous season.

Here’s who made the cut.

Lauren Froderman:
Lauren, a contemporary dancer from Arizona, has already worked with SYTYCD’s choreographers Mandy Moore, Sonya Tayeh and Brian Friedman.

This dance was apparently choreographed by Moore

Cheryl Smith:
Cheryl is Sonya Tayeh’s assistant and previously auditioned for Season 5, but was cut during the hop-hop round.

Ryan Ramirez:
Ryan is Mia Michaels’ assistant. Ryan and Season 6 contestant Noelle Marsh taught an improvisation class together earlier this week.

Lexie Contursi:
Lexie appeared as a minor character on Season 3 of Laguna Beach and auditioned two times prior for SYTYCD, but was cut during the Broadway round.

Ashley Galvan:
Ashley was a dancer on Nickelodeon’s Dance at Sunset in 2008, a show that taught children dance routines. She was also a principle dancer in the movie remake of Fame.

Christina Santana:
Christina is a salsa dancer and pop-locker, who auditioned for the show in Season 6 (I am pretty sure she was the one who hit Billy Bell in the nose during the ballroom round).

Christina’s Season 6 audition

Alexie Agdeppa:
This is Alexie’s third time making it to Vegas. She has performed on The Academy Awards, commercials and several children’s programs. Alexie was also an LA Lakers cheerleader.

Alexia and Season 6 contestant Pauline Mata

Bridget Krouse:

Melinda Sullivan:
Another tapper is going to attempt to do what no tapper has done before – become America’s favorite dancer. Last season three tappers made it into the top 24, but all were eliminated by week three.

Melinda is currently a recurring character on As The World Turns and has appeared in the tours of High School Musical and High School Musical Two.

Missy Morelli:

Katie Muth:
Contemporary dancer, Katie, previously auditioned in Season 6.

Jacelyne Orle:

Take a look at the top 12 guys.