April 27, 2010

SYTYCD Spoiler: Top 24 Dancers Revealed (Part 1)

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 doesn't start until May 27, but the blog SYTYCDism has already revealed the top 24 contestants.

SYTYCD really needs some phenomenal talent after last season's terrible ratings, which were the lowest since Season 1. 

The top 10 contestants aren't chosen until the show airs, so we will have to wait and see who will go on to dance with the all-star cast. But we did some digging to provide an inside look at the 24 finalists. Here is what you can expect from the top 12 guys.

Alex Wong:
Alex already has as cult following after he auditioned for Season 5, but had to give up his top 20 spot due to contract restrictions with the Miami City Ballet. This time around Alex decided not to renew his contract with the ballet company, where he is a principle, in order to audition for SYTYCD. Will  it pay off?

Capture of the Tiger

Billy Bell:  
Another familiar face to SYTYCD, contemporary dancer, Billy made it into the top 20 in Season 6, but had to drop out due to an illness. At the time Billy fans were already predicting that Billy would win the title of America's favorite dancer. Can he live up to the hype in Season 7?

Billy Bell, Vegas Week Season 6

Robert Roldan: 
Contemporary dancer, Robert was previously part of Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance. The company has been home to many SYTYCD alum, including Season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini and Season 3 runner up Kameron Bink. Season 3 finalist Danny Tidwell and Season 6 runner up Jakob Karr, will be joining the cast this summer.  Recently, Robert danced in Macy’s Stars of Dance, which performed on Dancing With The Stars and was choreographed by Travis Wall.

His roommate, Adrian Lee (see below) is also said to have made the top 24. Do I smell another Katie-Natalie saga?

Macy's Stars of Dance, Dancing With The Stars

Adrian Lee: 
Adrian also is part of the Hall of Fame for Bad Boys of Dance and performed in Macy's Stars of Dance on DWTS.

 Jump Senior Male VIP

Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz:

Kent Boyd:

Anthony Kin:  

Sergey Onik:
According to his resume, Sergey, a ballroom dancer, appeared in Season 2 and 3 of Dancing With The Stars. His teacher, Maksim Chmerkowskiy, is a dancer on the show.

Anthony Burrell:  
This contemporary dancer is a member of Alvin Ailey. This isn’t the same Anthony Burrell that was Rihanna’s back-up dancer and reportedly dating the R&B star, is it?

Dujuan “DJ” Smart:

DJ’s SYTYCD audition choreography

Chris Koehl:
Chris is a hip hop dancer from Texas, but is also trained in ballet, break dancing and jazz. So when the judges say during the contemporary round, “Wow you are amazing for a hip hopper,” don’t be fooled.

Adechike Torbert is also reportedly part of the top 12 males. Notably missing is Brandon Dumlao, who replaced Billy Bell, but eliminated after only a day and a half on the show. At the time Nigel Lythgoe said he was going to ask Fox if they could change the rules under the circumstances to allow Brandon to audition again this season. Well, it looks like Brandon was allowed to audition, but was reportedly was cut after the group choreography round.


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