April 14, 2010

Lost: All You Need Is Love, And Hugo

If everybody didn’t love Huge Reyes before, they sure should after last night’s episode of Lost. Hugo moved past his role as the comedic sidekick, into a strong, serious leader, one that we can now see replacing Jacob.

This was the episode I have been waiting for. Libby was never a central character, but her story has irked me since Michael killed her off. While we still didn’t get the answer to why she appeared in the mental hospital with Hugo in his flashback in season 2, it was nice to finally see the two get the chance to have their picnic.

The episode started with Sideways Pierre Chang paying tribute to Sideways Hugo, a rich and philanthropic businessman. Still Huge was missing one thing, the love of a woman.

Love (as the title of the episode clearly states), played a very critical role in this episode, and it seems it will be the heart (no pun intended) of the remainder of the season. It looks like each of the castaways will have to experience love in one form or another in their Sideways lives in order to be reconnected with their Island selves.

Desmond was the first one to stumble on this discovery last week, with a little help from Sideways Daniel Faraday and Sideways Charlie, and I expect each castaway will have their chance to come to this realization before the season finale. It will then be up to each one of them to decide whether to accept this love (something that may be hard for characters like Sawyer and Sayid) or remain trapped on the island.

This would mean that while Lost has played up themes of good vs. evil, science vs. nature and free will vs. fate, ultimately only one question needs to be answered: can love conquer all?

"Everybody Loves Hugo" revealed the nature of the whispers in the jungle – the souls of those who are “stuck” on the Island and can’t move on due to the wrongs they have committed. So, in fact, while the producers promised us the Island is not Purgatory, it does play the role for some people.

There were also some interesting Jack moments during the episode. Like a young puppy finally learning how to pee on his wee wee pad, Jack discovered his Island lesson: he can’t fix everything and must relinquish his role as doctor. Sometimes he has to sit back and listen to what other people tell him to do. And in "Everybody Loves Hugo" he did just that, following Hugo into the jungle to go talk to Locke in all his smoky glory.

Did anyone else find the meeting of Jack and Smoky chilling? Locke looked at Jack, with a grimace on his face, as if to say “game on.” If this isn’t a clear sign that Jack is the most likely candidate to replace Jacob, I don’t know what is.

But there was still another other character who was acting awfully Jacobesq last night – Desmond. I know, I know his name wasn’t on the sundial and his number not in the cave, which would mean he isn’t a candidate. Still, his quest to visit each of the Oceanic 815 passengers to provide them with a glimpse into their Island lives, is very similar to Jacob visiting and touching each of the candidates at some critical moment in their lives.

Desmond is determined to do the same thing, and his next victim is school teacher, still in a wheel chair, Sideways Lock, who he runs over in what seems like an effort to knock him into his Island body. The issue I have with this, is there is no body for Locke to reconnect with, since his Island self if technically dead. I guess this is a question best left for next week.

With both of his halves aligned, Desmond is badass. Is he scared of Smoky? No way and he tells him so right to his face as they discuss the history of a well on the Island. Locke tells him this well was built a very long time ago and dug out by hand by people who wanted answers to why the spot made their compass needles move. Unfortunately, these people never got the answer they sought.

A quick Wikipedia search reveals that there is a Bible story in John 4:6 where Jesus meets a woman at, get this, Jacob’s well. Do with that what you wish.

Locke told Desmond that his shouldn't become chummy with Charles Widmore who isn’t looking for answers, as these ancient inhabitants of the island were. His goal: power. Whether or not I believe Locke’s analysis is debatable. For some reason, maybe naively, I am starting to trust Charles Widmore.

Locke doesn’t like Desmond’s fearless attitude and pushes him into the well. Obviously Desmond isn’t dead and will most likely morph back into his Sideway self. Or he could always be laying at the bottom of the well, badly bruised but still kicking, a la Juliette.

Other noteworthy episode plot points:

We got another glimpse of that eerie little boy. Who he is exactly, I am not really sure, but Locke clearly has beef with this child. Desmond was able to see him too, but if I remember correctly, Sawyer could also see the boy, which me believe he isn’t one of the ghosts trapped on the island haunting Smoky.

Anyone else bothered by Ilana’s quick and unexpected exit from the show? While I never felt much for her character, I was interested in seeing just how she came to align herself with Jacob in her quest to protect the candidates.


Christopher said...

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Kat said...

I thought the Ilana thing was weird too! I also think that the little boy is baby man in black. I'm not sure why, but I do. His smile was creepy.

yay your blog is back!

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