April 22, 2010

Jack, The Last Recruit

It finally felt like Lost is ending, as "The Last Recruit," while not the best episode of the season, set the stage for the inevitable Island battle that must ensue.

The Island castaways are once again forming alliances and picking sides, while the Sideways characters are being thrown together in some cosmic shift. All of which, I assume, will lead to the joining of both the Island and Sideways self.

If it wasn't obvious before, after this week's episode it's certain that Jack is destined to fill the role of Jacob. Jack and Fake Locke have, what was one of the only true revealing scenes of the episode, when the chat in the pitch black of the jungle.

Here we learn Man in Black did in fact take on the image of Christian. Jack's father never came back to life through the powers of the island, nor was his soul living in purgatory there, as many have speculated.

Jack asks Fake Locke who he is, and his answer is interested. "You know who I am," Flocke responds.

There weren't many standout scenes, but one in particular gave me the chills: when Sideways Sun and Sideways Locke were being rolled into the ER at the same time and Sun saw Locke and screamed "It's him, it's him!"

From what we have seen Sideways Sun and Sideways Locke have never crossed paths, which means Sun must know him from somewhere else. It looks like her brush with dead, both in the Sideways world and her running into the tree on the Island, have provided the same effect as Charlie driving Desmond's car into the river -- making Sideways Sun aware of her "other" life.

On the Island Sun's accident causes her to forget how to speak English. But I don't think it was the bump of her head that rendered her speechless. Instead, I think it's more likely that Sun forgot how to speak English because her Sideway's self doesn't know how to speak English and the near-death experiences connected the two halves.

Sun "got her voice back," as Frank Lapidus cheesly put it, only after she was reunited with Jin, her constant. (I need to pause for a moment to say their reunion was the closest I've been to tears since Rose and Bernard found each other and Charlie died.)

Now I'm not saying Sun had a full-blown epiphany like Desmond had, but I think each character came closer to realizing their other self.

There's no Lost next week, which really gives me nothing to look forward to. The series finale airs Sunday, May 23.


wstull said...

I think I might cry when this show ends. Best. Show. Ever.

Jeanine said...

oh, I definately will